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Applying material to specific instance

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I will get right into it:
I have 10 different instances scattered along 6000 points.
I have textured each instance(on geometry level) in substance painter.

I also have 9 different materials in Houdini for each specific instance(these are not assigned yet).

HOWEVER, I do not know how I assign the above materials to the specific instances. 

For example. I have a material called splinter0-9. My instances are also called splinter0-9.
So what I want is to assign material splinter0 to instance splinter0. 

I think a good approach would be to use stylesheets however I have never used that before and would love to hear if someone has any ideas. 

I also don't know how to group based on individual instancepath, if I knew that than I guess I could assign everything manually based on groups.

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how about assigning the material before you scatter the instances? all you need to make sure of when after the scatter is that each of them still holds the shop_materialpath primitive string attribute

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