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Groupselection inside HDA

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Hey there!

Im developing some HDA´s for my Bachelor Project!

My actual Problem is about the Action Button for a Prim Group Selection.

Right now im running the standart Action Button script below:

import soputils

kwargs['geometrytype'] = (hou.geometryType.Primitives,)
kwargs['inputindex'] = 0

But, of course it does refer to the Node above the Subnet.

My question is:

How can i refer to the Node above the Selction Node inside the Subnet ?

Is it a Python Callback Script or is it something below the Action Button ?


Thank you very much


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    """ Performs a selection that is used to populate a SOP Group parameter field.
        This function takes a number of kwargs options to control the exact form
        of the returned selection, how the parameter should be set, the allowed
        selection types, etc.  If kwargs['ordered'] is present, then that alone
        specifies whether to do an ordered selection.  If kwargs['ordered'] is
        not present, then we try to determine orderedness from any selector bound
        to the node and parameter in question, and, failing that, default to an
        unordered selection.

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solution found

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