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Custom Polybevel for line to avoid non-compilable node

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I have one polybevel sop which is non-compilable in 17.5 that is messing up my ability to compile a network. I was wondering if anyone had a custom solution to re-create polybevel that was compilable?

My simple example is I currently have a line with ten points and a jitter sop on one axis to noise the line. What I am looking to do that the polybevel does for the next step is to smooth/round out these corner changes with four extra points.



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Solved this to get around another issue by using the curve sop inputs and nurbs prim type.

Take a resample sop - resample by polygon edge, untoggle maximum segment length, turn on maximum segments to get desired cv, breakpoints, or frehands locations, for the curve sop build a list of the incoming points with python, vex, etc in the format of "P0 P1 P2 P3..." and you can playwith the nurbs order too for more flexibility. When you convert the nurbs back into poly just follow it up with a facet to remove inline points. A few more node but compilable. Well until sesi makes all the poly nodes compilable. 

Bon Apetite!


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Posted (edited)

here's something VEX based I came up with while waiting for caches. 

It has its limitations and currently works only with (open) curves and supports only exactly 4 divisions. I guess with a bit more tinkering one could make it work on closed geometry and add functionality to support different divisions


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Cool solution Dominik.

I tried going down the vex road, but I kept circling back to sop nodes which I think prevented me from figuring it out. It makes a lot more sense seeing the vex code laid out like this. Cool solution. 

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