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Controlling Mountain SOP's attributes with point attributes

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Hi there;

I'm kind of confused with the way mountain SOP works. As I've read on some of the topics here on this forum, the mountain SOP doesn't recognize (at least as of version 16) point attributes and that's what I'm trying to get it to do essentially.

I've also read here that the VOP network that the SOP is comprised of, due to its very construction, recognizes point attributes with a prefix of "parm_" instead of their raw names. No matter what I've tried so far, I haven't been able to pass a point attribute to control say, the "height" attribute or "gain" attribute with an expression like: point(0, @ptnum, "attrib", 0)

Any help would be wildly appreciated :)



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Not sure what you really want to achieve but I found that the mountain node react to the attribute @height.

1. Before the moutain node, use a wrangle node and write your code for the height.

Exemple for a grid 50 by 50

if(@ptnum >= 1250) @height = .5;
else @height = 1;

2. After that, you dont need to write anything in the mountain node, it will already apply the change for the height


Let me know if this is what you wanted to do.



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Thanx so much your replies, morn66 and Atom. Now I get the picture. What I was intending to do was to displace the certain points on a piece of geometry according to a predetermined per point height attribute, and now I know that it is literally "height" :) But now, I'm having trouble trying to figure out how I can keep the displacement centered around the undisplaced point positions :-/ Attribute blur just doesn't help at all. The height attribute was created on the points in a corners group created automatically by a previous polybevel sop. You can see in the attached image that the displacement always goes above the median when "center Noise" is not checked or inside when checked. How can I tell Houdini to have the displacement take place along the median point positions? Do I need to dive inside the vop net and fiddle with the vop nodes?

Thank you :)


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