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Create a Trail explosion in Houdini 17.5


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Hey all,

I am trying to do a explosion like this in the picture. I am very desperate, I have searched up the whole internet around but have find nothing...

I have tried to do some particle emitting from a sphere with some forces but it wasn't like this...

Can someone help me please... :( 

ps. if someone have time to make a hip file for me it would be a bigger help :)

thanks in advance,


maxresdefault (1).jpg

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It looks like quite a lot is happening in this picture. 

Shelf tools are a good starting point, there's an 'explosion' preset which shows you how the new h17 source nodes connect up. Your best bet would be to drive custom velocities with particles or geo to get the main shapes into the simulation. There's loads of free tuts knocking about.

Good luck!

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1 hour ago, Daniel16_16 said:

I have written, that I searched whole youtube haha "whole"..... but I havent find anything... :/ 



That's your issue, should have searched vimeo :P 

24min mark has the emitter your maybe looking for. Or dig through the hip file in the video description.


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