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Workflow: Project geo shape on Hi res model

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Hi everyone,

I need an advice for a specific effect.

I want to make geo shape appear on top of a hi rez model. (you can look at the reference image of the effect of The predator movie)

For this specific object, how will you approach that? Create a 2D pattern effect on a grid and project it to the shape? if yes, how is it possible to achieve that?

thanks, I'm lost!


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Yeah I saw the new class! It looks awesome but it only starts end of august.

Thanks for the link! It's cool for the hexagon shape but I'm really more interested on How can I transfer a specific 2d sim to a 3d mesh? or if there is another way to approach that problem

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I guess this is why I wanted advice haha

Yeah I was not to sure about the workflow. I thought that it will be easier to create an effect in 2d space and reproject it to the 3D mesh. But yeah it make sense to directly doing the work to the 3D object.


Thanks man!

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