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Recreating Gas Particle to Field?


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Hello, everyone!

I have some particle attributes I'd like to interpolate on some fields. At first I had a SOP solver with an Attribute Wrangle where I modified the particle attributes and then copied my results to the volume (@density=result). When I middle mouse clicked on the nodes inside the DOP net, the volume was not listed as information inside, as it was when using Gas Particle to Field. 

Therefore, I thought I could use the Houdini Gas Particle to Field to somehow create the fields and then use my Attribute Wrangles to write over the values set initially by the Gas node. But I am afraid my Attribute Wrangles are not affecting the volumes at all, as the volume created by them was not listed initially. 

Are my Attribute Wrangles going to write over the volume values? Or is there a way for me to recreate a Gas Particle to Field in VEX?

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Attribute Wrangle SOP doesn't modify volumes at all

you can use Volume Wrangle SOP or Volume From Attribute SOP or Volume Rasterize Points/Particles SOP, they all need the volume to exist and will not create one

Or you can use Volume Rasterize Attributes SOP and that will create and populate the volumes based on point attributes

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Yes or any node that modifies fields/volumes for that matter

If you modify or create any field in DOPs, run Sop Solver DOP on that field, you can continue modifying it in SOPs using Volume Wrangle or any other node that acts on volumes or even VDBs, or completely replace it with another volume, it just depends on what you output from the Sop Solver

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whats  hard to recreate is its speed, gasparticletofield dop is  really fast compare to  sopsolver sourcing. even if you try sourcing  with gasfieldvop its a tough competition..
so unless you really need a something special i suggest stick with it.

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It all depends on what you need it for, if you want to use it for sourcing then just use native sourcing which since H17 is based on particles and Volume Rasterize Attributes in SOPs, but in more broader sense you can experiment with anything

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