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Redshift instancing issue

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I get this warning when I render with redshift in Houdini.
The instance object "/obj/REDSHIFT_TEMP_PACKED_GEO/_obj_bla_blabla_blablabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_blabla_bla_tree156683" is not available as a RSMeshBase or RSProxy object, perhaps it is hidden in the scene"
So I have a couple of hundred trees that I have packed and instances with a copy to points, I have ticked on "instance SOP level packed primitives" on the Redshift obj section of the geometry sop. It seems that a specific instance of the tree is not working properly, and I do not know what Temp Packed Geo means. 

It doesn't stop the rendering but I am assuming that it adds some extra time on the actual render time. 


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Iget the same problem with the same message now

Do you find a solution for this?

I have make a trees instances and redshift works well but i make the same process with rocks instances and it doesnt work.... i dont understand 

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