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In "Principled Shader/ Bump & Normals", what is "Image Plane"?

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In "Principled Shader/ Bump & Normals", there is an option called "Image Plane". I can't find any useful document about it. So, what is this tab for and how could I create an Image Plane?

Is this for using COMPs as a texture input?




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On 7/16/2019 at 8:01 PM, LaidlawFX said:

Not sure why it is called image plane at that level.


Texture Channel

This specifies which color channel for multi-plane textures should be evaluated.


Thank you "LaidlawFX", so is there any example or tutorial about how to use it?

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If you have a multi plane texture like a .exr, or a rendered image from mantra extra image planes you just type in the name of the channel.

In the attached scene it loads up temp.exr which is a combo of the butterfly and mandril. They are on channels Cr and C respectively. With Cr typed into the respective parameter it renders that image instead. You can use mplay, to view the different channels in the .exr.





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