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Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950


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Does anybody have any experience with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. How good is its support for OpenGL an maybe any one has tried to run Houdini with it? When it comes to comparing nvidia and ATI the problem was always with drivers, I wonder have you heard about any particular issues with Intel?


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Yes, I'v been lookin for very portable one and was thinking about thinkpad X60. I know pelliosis your recommendation :) to go for dell - since I've read one of the previous posts (and I also consider buying M65) or thinkpad T60 as well. But scince I've never heard about this intel thing, I thought I might have been intresting. I wonder why thinkpads don't have nvidia's cards as an option?!



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Choosing a notebook can be a nightmare, I lately had to choose something for my parents. yuck.

After a few days of reading and comparing I chose asus a 8jc.

Not expensive and well equipped. Centrino duo T2300 renders almost twice as fast as my pentium M 2.26 :). The best thing to do is go to some shop an touch them all.

Ibm's are nice and sturdy and so beautifully ugly :)

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On laptops/notebooks, I prefer IBM's. Why? cause they tend to have the best support for linux. I am not a graphics person like ya'll are. I am the guy responsible for your machines being maintained, running etc. I am a gamer, so I tend to have the same video card choices. Well kinda, I prefer Nvidia, Cause it works with linux Operating systems better than ATI. The one think Intel has right now is they open sourced their drivers for their graphics.


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