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Simulate small part of large FLIP tank?


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Hi! I have what is probably a dumb/obvious question. I have a character diving into a pool. He is modeled to scale (roughly two units high), but to get the details of a human diving I'm having to make the collision separation and particle separation very small. The problem is that this is a huge body of water, and the camera is underwater, so the tank can't be isolated to the area of activity or the "walls" of the liquid show. I don't need detailed animation/simulation outside of the area around the diver, just some turbulence to make things interesting.

Is there a way I could focus particle density around the area where I need the detail? Can I nest one sim inside another? (The places I've seen one sim driving another have seemed to focus on up-res-ing, and it doesn't seem to fit what I'm doing here.) Or do I just deal with the fact that a large body of water, even if there is not much happening, requires a ton of sim-time?

Thank you for your help!

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