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Sphere Squeare extrution along curve


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Hi Odforce,

Im trying to find a way to extrude a square along a curve. the start of the square should fit the shape, orientation and such from its orgin.
The idea is that the curve is adjustable and replaceable with other (open) curves going in other directions.

I've thrown polyframe, and polyextrude with a curve from second input and more but I seem to miss something.
Some help is really appreciated.


Thanks in advance

Sphere square extrution.hipnc

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Thanks jesper! I've done this but then it doesn't extrude along the actual shape of the curve. It cramps part of the curve from the start to end position as if end extrusion did not transform along the curve. Hope this is a clear explanation. You may view the issue in the Houdini file.

image.png.a2f7164b96438f8da5a6e382c1672b79.pngresulting in this. the extrusion does not actually follows the line

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adding screenshot
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