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Ocean Surface material - where is Attenuation?

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Hello, after a small nightmare with switching to new whitewater system I'm a bit stuck with rendering an ocean shot:

I would like to see a structure in water dissapear slowly into the abyss. Because Mantra is quite slow I don't want to use the volumes or a uniform volume shader for that (which is recommended). Absorption/Attenuation would be ok I think but it's missing from the Ocean Surface material! It's mentioned in the manual... What's going on? Any ideas how to switch it on? Screenshots, maybe I'm not looking at this correctly:



Extra question - any ideas why Mist shelf tool was removed? We're supposed to build our onw on Pyro, right?

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Concerning the Mist you should have a look at this Masterclass. In the end (about min 50) it is explained how to handle Mist with the new White Water Solver:


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Thank you - I watched that Materclass some time ago, very useful. However, it's showing mist made from particles - it's not the same effects as the old Pyro one. Especially if I used Pyro itself - didn't advect any particles ;)

Also you have to resim whole whitewater to work on mist in the presented way, whitch takes ages. But then less diskspace... I have to think about a new workflow I suppose ;)

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