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Add prims VEX

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Hi philpappas. In your vex, you use i to iterate over the points. At the same time, you use i as an prim_num argument in addvertex here.

int  addvertex(int geohandle, int prim_num, int point_num)

So this might be a problem. Also it seems, that you may want the polyline, instead of the poly? I am not exactly sure, how the result should look like, but I attach a node solution for inspiration. I might help you with the vex too, but please clarify your intention. 


connect_to_center - v1.hiplc

connect_to_center - v1.PNG

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23 minutes ago, ikoon said:

"node" method

great, now i'm not so sure this was the right method all along because i wanted to enumerate the prims as you see in the attached image. kind of a reversed matrix (thats how i'd do it in grasshopper)

i should probably construct the prims using the radial lines one by one and attach an attribute for each layer(?) ...i can think of ways but maybe i am over complicating it



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