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Rendering whitewater on large scale


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Hello, I'm looking for tips on rendering whitewater on large ocean patches. For smaller scales, I usually convert particles to volume and render whitewater as volume, but on huge ocean patches (even with camera frustum culling), I cannot afford enough volume resolution to cover areas that big without volume looking like crap. So far, I've split my WW particles into "hero" particles which are close to the camera and will be rendered as a volume, while those far away particles are to be rendered as particles. While this does work fine, I can't help but wonder if there are smarter ways to go about this.

How would I go about making several smaller volumes from WW particles? VDB segment by connectivity seemed promising, but it requires having one big volume in the first place.

Unfortunately I cannot share renders or files as this work for a client.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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