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Channel Reference outside of DOPs

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How do I reference a channel from another network inside of a SOPSolver in DOP's ?

I've tried ch("../<name of channel reference>") but it's not getting the channel reference which should color the grains based on the channel reference ?

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Seems like your path is not correct. ch("../PARMNAME") only references to the parent node. If you want to reference a specific node you can put in the whole path like ch("/obj/NODE1/NODE2/PARAMETER").

The easiest way to achive that is by right-clicking on the parm and chosing "Copy parameter" and then drop it somewhere with right click "Paste Relative Reference".


But to me it sounds like you don't want to read out a parameter, but Attributes (because you talk about coloring stuff). For this you would read out the data with a "attribute copy" or "attribute transfer" and reference in the geometry via an "object merge".

Here is an example for both:


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