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How to have 2 objects stay together when deforming?

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I put here a box and text on top of it with a merge and I want to deform it with GameDev's Path Deform.

But the text won't stay on top of the box. How can I fix this? How do I make it behave more like 'one object'?

Thanks. :) 



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Now further in the development of this scene. But the problem with the text not deforming along properly still persists.. 


Really hope someone can enlighten me on this issue. :) 


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Thanks for your reply. 

The subdivide didn't work but through a discord channel @mestela made me discover the Point Deform tool and that works properly. :)


creep sop I think is the usual way
But these days I'm super lazy and just point deform everything
Have your text flat at origin, lying on a flat version of your ribbon
Point deform the text, give it the flat ribbon as rest geo, bendy ribbon as target
Then you can use a transform sop on the text before the point deform to slide it up and down, the should move the deformed text along the ribbon


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