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Vellum constraint overlaping properties

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While setting up vellum constraints, I used the preset: "configure balloon".
It created both vellum constraints: cloth and pressure, with both nodes sharing the same "stretch" properties.
After some testing, I realized that both "Stifness" and "Damping Ratio" could be set to 0 within the cloth constraint, as long as the pressure constraint had non-zero values on both parameters and things would be exactly the same.
But on the other hand, if I tweaked the "Rest Length Scale" and "Compression Stiffness" parameters on the cloth constraint, this would have an impact.

Why do some values on the cloth constraint are overriden by the pressure constraint (wich comes right after the cloth) and others aren't?



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I don't believe they are being overridden as they are setting values to completely different primitives, do you have a hip file?

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it's your vellumconstraintproperty1 nodeinside of the Vellum Solver which is controlling every constraint's stiffness so it is essentially overwriting the sop level values

you may want to just limit it to pressure constraints if that is your intention

so on vellumconstraints2 specify output group: pressure

and on vellumconstraintproperty1 just use that group

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