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render view with logarithmic compression / tone mapped

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Is it possible to show my render with a logarithmic compression directly in the render view ? For balancing lights I like it to check my renders with some color mapping applied to see better how it will look in compositing. In Vray e.g. you can directly color map the image ( Im just talking about color mapping the values while still have linear data ) 

I thought about creating a LUT for that in cops, and use that in the render view, but unfortunately i can´t create a LUT from a vopcop filter. Only from color correction operators. 

Is there something what I am missing or does someone have a idea how to achieve that? 

Thank you.



This is the linear render. The second picture shows the compressed image and how I want to see it in the render view. 


unfortunately you ( or just me )  cant convert this vopcop filter with softClip inside to LUT....


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I'm running Houdini with ACES config, and using Redshift for my viewer.  With the Redshift viewer, you're able to apply different LUTs pretty easily, so I haven't played around too much with configuring Houdini for a specific LUT.

I did stumble upon the link below, and sounds like you can apply LUTs directly in Houdini.  You'll have to grab a lin2log.lut or whichever you want to use, then apply it under Edit->Color Settings->Color Correction.


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Hey Dave,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I could also choose a lut directly in the render view. That was my attempt to create a lin2log.lut in a vopcop and convert this to a lut but conversion to lut from vopcop is not possible unfortunately. Only from pixel operators. 

Do you know where to buy/download a pure lin2log.lut ?  Somehow it´s not that easy to find one :) 

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Hi jon,

Sorry, I can't seem to find the website I'd used a last year to generate luts with. Try searching for "conversion luts", since you're trying to convert an image format and not apply a filmic look.




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