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get list of materials

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I have a model with several materials in shop_materialpath. I want to get a list of each material (I will use this information to create groups later).
I made the following code, and it works !. My question is if I did it right?
Because with objects of many polygons, it is extremely slow.

import hou

root = hou.selectedNodes()[0]
geo = root.geometry()

path_a = []
path_b = []

for prim in geo.prims():
    shop = prim.attribValue('shop_materialpath')
    if shop not in path_b:

print path_b


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Yep, iterating over points/primitives in Python isn't the fastest operator. Bellow line

materials = list(set(geometry.primStringAttribValues("shop_materialpath")))

is considerably faster though, but if you're interested in creating groups per attribute value, I would consider VEX. Something like (untested):

int success = 0;
string material_name[] = split(primattrib(0, "shop_materialpath", @primnum, success), "/");
setprimgroup(0, material_name[-1], @primnum, 1);


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