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For-loop for in place modification and testing against the remaining primitives

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How can I do this:

Say I have n  non overlapping primitives, and I want to try to scale up the ones that can, i.e without intersecting other ones.

The idea is:

For each primitive

if the larger version doesnt intersect the other ones, then scale it ...


The trick is " the other ones" is both the already processed ones, and the ones to be processed, excluding current one.

Problem I'm trying to solve: I have a set of primitives, and I want to expand them a little so they become closer together.

I can't find the right combination of merge / feedback / fetch feedback /  using a for-loop.

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Take a look at the for-loop in the Grain Source SOP, it does the opposite (moves intersecting points away from eachother) but it might give you some ideas.

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