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fire from small source


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I have a simple fire simulation using the smoke solver that is using a bush as a source. Do you guys have any recommendations for sourcing on small objects? The bush is incredibly thin in some areas, so it seems the only solution is to crank up the resolution in volume rasterize attributes and the smoke object. Of course it becomes realllllllly slow. Any other ideas that might help speed things up?



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Long tendril like sources are tough for sure. Higher resolution simulation is correct but there are definitely ways of saving on time depending on what hardware you have at your disposal.  

I would work in clusters and break it up. Basically, pull out each branch and run a separate simulation for each and then merge them together at render time.  

The issue here becomes, do you have a render farm at your disposal to run 25 simulations at once? If not, I would see how many branches you can get into a single simulation before it gets overwhelming for your pc. 

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Since your fire will rise upwards I assume anyway, you could scatter some points on your branch and then instance some curves onto the branch. You could then convert those curves into a source as well with the branch. Benefit is that you can animate your curves to give your source a more interesting look which will help with detail etc in your sim.

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