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Best Value/Time HDA, ever! :D (Studio Clipboard)


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Studio Clipboard HDA

Use case:
    You want to share OPs with colleagues super fast. And you want to spend minimal time to make this happen.

    Just create an empty HDA to share arbitrary content.

    1. Create an empty Subnetwork SOP
    2. Create Digital Asset from it
    3. Save it on a network location
    4. Add the network location to houdini.env
        found in c:/Users/yourUser/Documents/houdini17.5/houdini.env
        by adding HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH="z:/yourPathToCheapestHDAEver;&"

    1. Create Studio Clipboard SOP
    2. Allow Editing of Contents
    3. Put OPs in you want to share
    4. Save Node Type
    5. Create Studio Clipboard SOP on another computer in the network
    6. Retrieve content
    7. Profit!




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How do I access the buffer file?


Edit, found the answer:


It's in c:\temp\houdini_temp\ under Windows.


Also found this while researching the upper question. Clipboard History, a new Windows feature which seems quite handy. Though not for multple OP C&Ps.


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