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Caching VDB's - reducing size


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A question regarding the caching of VDB's from a smoke simulation.

Currently see well over 160 million vel voxels when I load some cached vdbs from a sim.

That combined with 5 substeps necessary in my simulation is choking my Threadripper, simulation times are simply too long.

Since all I really need are density voxels (and optionally temperature or heat) for rendering, does it make sense to delete these vel voxels just before caching?


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absolutely. only cache the fields you need. If you need vel for motion blur, you could resample the vel VDB to 1/3 of the resolution, that's usually enough for motionblur. Also make sure to save out 16bit fields instead of 32bit

and one more big saving comes from compressing the volume as well as masking the vel field by the density field

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