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Break sphere to equal vertical stripes by vellum


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I want to replicate effect from this post https://www.instagram.com/p/B21fsianHMu/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

So, my idea is to break vellum by Weld Points and it's working as expected. 

But I can't find the way how to fracture sphere by equal vertical stripes. I made two spheres, one is original and second is nurbs and try to use Edge fracture, but it fractures not in equal peaces



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7 hours ago, jeremiah said:

Ugly stripes.. I just used boolean sop with grids to fracture.


Yes, I found even better way, if select all point on one X-axis of sphere and put them to Voronoi, you can get the same results.

Unfortunatelly, they don't work as on video. I guess it must be pin in top of them and more constains between. It's time for experiments

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Finally I found most closest way. The big challenge was to find such parameter for breaking threshold to keep sphere while some noises and velocities. I also found that best look for motion is when you use Pyro as source of velocity and add some random area initial velocities to pyro source object




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