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TOPs video mosaic for simulations

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Trying without much luck to recreate the video wedging mosaic demoed by Scott Keating here
For some peculiar reason the video is not directly linkable and there is no .hip file but it is halfway down the page in the AUTOMATE section, Wedging video.
I am trying to create the TOPs node graph in the attached but not sure what all the nodes are.

In the left column green box of course is a ROP geometry output , and in the right column red box there are 5 nodes.
#1 is ROP Fetch I think, #s 4 and 5 are Wait For All and I think FFMPEG Encode Video respectively.
But what are numbers 2 and 3 in the right column,
Wait_for_Entire_Sequence ?

Also anyone know of a working example of TOPs based video mosaic for simulations?


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Haven't used PDG yet myself, but from what I understand the generate_contact_sheet is an imagemagick node set to montage. And the gather_matching_frames would be a partitionbyframe node to make sure the mosaic renders the animations in sync. Check out Entagma's PDG series, part 1b specifically for creating mosaics. 


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