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Sprites Question

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I searched over and over and almost browsed the entire forum but "fire.hipnc" just gives me error when searching for it...

so after days i posted this file again.. and my question (first one) is where is the thread about it :P

anyhow.. the real question is about all the attribCreate... where the expression is chf("ramp", $life*50) or similar... my question is about those "ramp" (and "ramp1" ramp2", etc)...

where did they come out from?!?!? ther's no ramp in VOP.. nor in SHOP... nor in CHOP ... they are not even referred to a path .. where they come from?.. how can they drive such attribute then?

thanks and sory for this confusing head..mine.


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If you click on the Spare tab on the top of each AttribCreate SOP you will see the channels there. You can edit them, delete them or add more. It took me a while to figure that out too but it really makes life a lot easier since they have added in the Spare tab. It is a very easy way to set up controls, especially when creating digital assets.

In the file I attached you can see that on the color SOP I added an Intensity channel just as an example.


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Sometimes when you can't find something like this, go to your NetworkEditorPane and turn on Dependencies in the DisplayOptions. It'll show aura and wires to dependencies visually.



oh right .. I even had as defautl setting for my network by I removed time ago when trying to find how to set my network view default :D ... thanks Jason..

ok.. now I can go on creating my smoke for my Fire .. i'll post a movie or screenshot soon .. I'm looking forward for your impressions since this fire effect is something I've been working on since some time now...

thanks a lot.


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