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Out of sync collision mesh and fluid

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Have a frustrating problem with a simulation involving a rotating cup mesh containing fluid. The collision appears out of sync and is worse with increased velocity.

I've already solved most of the collision issues (I think) by increasing both voxel density (using particle separation of .01) and simulation substeps.( using 8 currently).

The cup in this case is an inverted pyramid.

The motion is oscillating rotation in y axis, think 'washing machine'. The attached Top View mp4 should make this clear.

Something to do I assume with the velocity of the collision vdb(cup) being passed to the fluid particles or...?

Anyone care to diagnose what is happening?


scen e_view.png


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Here's just the first 120 frames with the premesh particles and actual collision vdb. I reduced the Collision Velocity Scale to 1 from 1.5 which seems to help a bit but still an issue. I am wondering if its another setting in my FLIP solver I need to play with?




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