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Supercharged H20 GUI (TouchDesigner Style)


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I made a number of modifications to the standard Houdini GUI that focuses on increasing the productivity by maximizing the screen estate to its limits. Here are some of the changes:

1. Network editor is an overlay over the viewport or the render view, depending on what's visible. It allows working with the network editor while simultaneously seeing the result of the node network, with configurable opacity settings (0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1). The network editor can be toggled away from and into the viewport using a single key.

2. The whole application is in full screen mode, that eliminates the taskbar and the titlebar of the application.

3. The status bar is at the top inline with the main menu bar.

4. The shelf is completely outside the visible screen space. It can be accessed using the viewport TAB menu instead.

Special thanks to Jason Iversen for his overlay network editor sketch.

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Thanks Mark. I also do this but there seems to be an artificial limitation in that feature. There doesn't seem to be a way to make a pane as small as the status bar or the main menu bar itself. So you have to use qt masks to mask out the unwanted parts. But of course doing so has some draw backs in organization.

Unless there is a way to create a special pane that can be as big as the item it's hosting? Otherwise it feels like the item is secondary to the pane. It would be useful to be able to wrap these items (main menu bar, playbar, etc) in a pane for the purpose of UI organization.

If this is possible, then one can for example create a split pane (left, right) at the top of the app where the main menu bar is, store the main menu bar on the left pane and the status bar on the right pane. That would make things so much easier.

Please let me know if there is some way to achieve this :) Can python panel possibly be used to achieve this?

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9 minutes ago, malexander said:

A blank Python Panel's pane content can be shrunk almost completely, and if you hide the pane tabs they can get pretty small (but for the stowbars). But I don't think there's a way to get rid of the stowbars.

Thanks a lot Mark, I will look into this right now :) It would make my desktop much easier to setup.

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I have recently updated Supercharged to work natively with Houdini 19. It's now more robust thanks to the built-in viewport Qt handle added by SideFX. Due to this, this version is not backwards compatible.

I was on the H19 beta so I tested the new Qt handle and it allowed the overlay network editor to update and track viewport changes a lot better. That's why this is an important update.

It should also work better on some Linux distros.

There will be some more upcoming changes and finally an updated showcase video and an in-depth video showing all of the available features.

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Nuke style multi node editing. This will be in the next update.


1 hotkey to append to parameters pane
1 hotkey to clear parameters pane
1 hotkey to minimize/maximize pinned nodes on and off
1 hotkey to hover unpin a pane

The first pane is never pinned unless pinned by the user. It's only appending after the main parameter pane, up to 4 more in my implementation.

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  • animatrix changed the title to Supercharged H20 GUI (TouchDesigner Style)

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