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Inspired by a tool done by Simon Houdini I decided to recreate same tool on my way.  Basically is a nested boolean system which iterates over itself. Starting from a basic cylinder there are three ways to add detail. First is a cylinder which is usefull to generate pivots or a central hole. Second is a circular array of boxes or a circular curve and third is a ray node projecting points over the mesh and copy cylinders there ( useful to attach bolts, screws or make small holes). 

There are a lot of room for improvements, maybe is not the most user friendly tool of the world and I should try to find a clearer ways to manipulate the tool. I had a lot of problems adding handles or guide geometries because I didn't find the way to switch the guide geometry to older iterations and things like this. At the end I kept at it was without guides and handlers.

Please take a  look and test the tool. Would be nice have your feedback and ideas for improvements.

The tool can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDgRtMYhhllZWNdANppqnBo9NahtlZNV/view?usp=sharing

Thanks for testing it.


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Thanks for sharing. You have nice stuff (not only this).

I've just tried this tool.

I have a bevel issue. "polybevel1" creates overlapping faces in some cases.

Here some ideas:

  • group edges with max angle <= 1 (or small enough) and remove these edges, before you are applying the group node "edges" 
  • use the new polybevel and activate "slide on ring edges = always"


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Hey Aizatulin,

First of all thanks for your comment and for testing the tool.

About the bevel, definitely, I should do this. 

2 hours ago, Aizatulin said:


  • use the new polybevel and activate "slide on ring edges = always"



Thanks Man


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