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julian johnson

Velocity Volume To 8bit RGB Image Slices?

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I need to create an image sequence representing the slices of a velocity volume as normalized, positive 8bit RGB values in a .raw file. I'm pretty sure it's possible with a cop2network and a vopcop2gen (and I've seen a couple of scenes that do this for a density volume) but I'm totally unclear how to read the velocity into the vopcop2gen and then iterate over the velocity slices and make the appropriate conversions. If anyone has any pointers they would be gratefully received. Documentation seems quite thin. I've tried using V as the image plane in vopcop2gen but just get a blank...


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Thanks Tesan, that's definitely food for thought :-). I can definitely 'see' the V plane now....I'll see if I can understand what you're doing with the gamma/colour correct. I need to be able to unpack the image data at the end back into the original velocity values and reconstruct the original velocity field.

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