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How to deal with overlapping CHOP copies?

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Hi peoples,


I would like an animation to be triggered, but I don’t want it to be triggered if there already is a triggered animation/copy that is still being played.
In the case of this GIF that would mean that sometimes the shifted pulse would exclude one periodic pulse, and sometimes be excluded by the periodic ones.


The docs of the Copy CHOP vaguely hint at this being possible, but I can’t get it to work with all tried Copy CHOP node variations, and I don’t really understand what the doc is talking about.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Also, if there is an other method than the Copy CHOP for triggering animations with overlap, all info is welcome.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Librarian, 

thanks for your response. 

I don't really understand the trig.hipnc tho. 
Do you mean the small CHOP network on the left, that colors the box red? Because there a existing 'instance' doesn't avoid the next one from being called, as is here in the third curve:

And the other network on the right is something complex of which I can't see what it is doing in the scene and where the Nulls are getting their data from. Altho I know that a lookup table isn't really for triggering but for mapping animations to a range, right?

Anyways here is a hip file. The shift CHOP is just put in there to produce the overlapping copies/instances and to see if this is working: 

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Posted (edited)

Anyone? Is there otherwise some other method as to achieve such a thing? I don't know yet if CHOPs can do something like this because it is not really working like a dynamics network / looping network, or is it?.

I see the Logic CHOP can record if there is change in a channel but I have no idea as of how you should combine these chops for canceling out overlapping copies.


Is it possible to cancel out overlapping copies?

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