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VFX Artist Needed - Work Remotely

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Need a VFX Artist to help us with some VFX shots on our latest short film, The Sands of Time. The film is now in post-production. 


Shot 1 - A descending staircase in the sand. Both during the day and at sunset. They are only quick insert shots. To establish what it is they are climbing down. Don't really need to see any moment. Same shot but light for both times of the day. We can do the lighting during the grade if required. The attached image is a good example of what is required, but all of this would look like it is made out of sand. Similar angle to this. 4 seconds. 

Shot 2 - Two static actors pressed against each other dissolve into sand and vanish. The sides of them, as per the example below. So we start to see them dissolve and they vanish together. 7 seconds. 

Budget is tight. So this job would suit someone with experience who is keen to add to their credits. You will also get a copy of the film released. 


Will be doing a few projects this year, so a good opportunity to work together on other projects as well. 




example 2.jpeg


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I sent email to contact@sunsetaperture.com

I hope this right address for contact.

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Hey, really good reel :-)

At the start of the film we see from a distance that she has just come up from a staircase within the beach, which was actually a 2 step dug into the beach. In this first reverse shot we show that it is actually a staircase descending into the beach itself. An insert shot. 

In the second shot, we see the same staircase and angle, but at sunset. We have a shot of her that looks like she is standing on one of the steps below and he is taking her hand to join her. 

The staircase is how they time travel. So we need to see it. A cool looking magically staircase that descends into the beach. 


What would be your best rate for helping us with this short film? It could lead to work on our other productions. 

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