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POP to SMOKE Question

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im pretty new to houdini and i have a question about an effect i want to create.

i have particles spinning around a sphere and i want to have smoke doing the same using the particles velocity.

the smoke i build is somehow advecting by the particles, but the movement should be nearly the same. my problem is, that the smoke is rising to far instead of sticking to the particles, it should by dragged likewise. 

can someone help and check my project file? would be very kind





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Here is my rebuild of your popnet to generate smoke. The upward movement of the smoke is controlled by the buoyancy on the popsolver. When you are rasterizing a particle into a volume, the f@pscale attribute plays a role. If the particle is too small, it may not generate any density. You can link density generation to particle age so it starts off less dense and grows more dense as it ages.



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