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laplacian deformation?


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Hmm, Probably is. It's also similar to the Edit sop when using a smooth radius by connectivity. But I'm interested in seeing how this works as a live deformer, not an interactive sculpt.  I'll see if I can do it with delta mush

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After playing with the deformer in Blender, it's quite different than Delta Mush. A bit hard to describe but it almost feels like it creates an ik relationship between all the edges in the mesh.. with just anchoring a couple of verts on either side of a mesh and pulling them apart it smoothly interpolates the verts between them using the connectivity of the mesh in a natural way.  There is code for the deformer on the Blender repository, might be worth trying to port

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You have an example on odforce I think somewhere :)..

If you combine you can make a better tool.

Just install Anaconda python:) ..and you have a lot exampels for deformation and other fun..




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