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Voxelizing Velocity(Not happening)


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To get started with Pyro one has to create a source and introduce it to Pyro-Solver node in Sop and then if required use "attr-Noise" for fields like density,temp  and fuel etc.Later add vol-rasterize attribute.


But if you have a set up of particles like emitting smoke from particle burst or a powder kind of explosion you need to use particles(POPNet) and introduce to Pyro-solver then use source as a "v" for velocity.Once you add the Vol-Rasterize-Attr you will see only half of the section gets voxelize.

Rest side like X-negative or Z negative axes doesn't show with voxelized particle streak.

while all other fields are coming properly.

Whats the possible reason for not coming in Velocity??



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Hi Anim,

Thanks for the quick response,but why all other fields are getting visualize ,I mean if i don't use volume slice or volume visualize i still can see density,temp fuel in viewport but Velocity does not appears.

which also means that velocity is existing but not showing in viewport?

I am a bit new to houdini..:)

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it's all about voxel values

by default rasterized volumes are visualized as fog volume, so the voxel value represents the density of the fog volume, negative values are ignored

since density, temperature and many other hve meaningful positive values you will see them 'correctly' (if you'd source negative temperature, which is common, you wouldn't see it either unless you have visualizer with resampled values)

vector volumes can easily have negative values for any of the axes so those parts will not be visible, but to be honest even from positive ones you will probably not make sense of the direction unless it's only in a single axis, you either need volume visualizer (vector or trail) or Volume Trail SOP or something similar


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