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h18 sop bullet solver- constraints


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I am trying to do something pretty simple using the new h18 sop level bullet solver..

I want to merge in two different Glue constraints, each with a different data name ("Glue" "and "Glue_Two"). Then  I want to break each unique glue constraint on a specific frame.

It seems as if I technically got it working,  but for some reason my constraints are not maintaining its strength.  I have them both set to -1 which means it should never break until told to do so. 

I feel like I am not setting up the data names on the bullet solver properly...

I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. 

Thank you. 


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ohh....man this is a real noice gotcha.....

say you adjusted the scene above, to break the 2nd wall at frame72, it does jack $hit...

go into Advanced>Bullet Solver>Sleeping Time, increase that to 5 say....works !!!

Alternatively, leave Sleeping Time at 2, increase Contact Breaking Threshold....works too....what's the correct way ? I have NFI.



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@Noobini Thank you for the response. Yeah that is very weird how it doesn't work when you change the frame number .  Your tips worked .  I will need to do more testing myself. .

 I was confused about merging in multiple constraints with different data names... but apparently if I am using multiple glue constraints, you can only use 1 data name and use the grouping options to control them separately. 


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