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Restore Deleted Shelf Tab?

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You could check and see if the installed shelf file is still there.  The default location on Windows is: C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Plugins\Houdini\<Your Houdini Version>\toolbar\redshift.shelf

If not, then it might be easiest to just reinstall Redshift to get it back.

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in your $HOME/HoudiniXXX/toolbar/
there is a file named default shelf.

it's an XML files containing all the shelves definition.
I think the redshilft shelf is just copied in it.

With caution you can just copy-paste the original redshift shelf in it.
That's how I transferred my shelves from H15 to H16, if I remenber.
backup the file before as, the seond time I try this was not succeed.
I was just trying to tinker.

Tell me I i'm wrong.


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