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Using hou.nodeType without "fully qualified" names


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Using instances() with hou.nodeType() to grab node instances is really nice. Does anyone know a way to grab all the instances for an operator type with a version string in the operator type name? ie.


Since the version is in the type name itself, it seems like you have to specify the version as well in order for it to work, ie


instead of just


I was hoping there must be, since you can create nodes without specifying the version like


I've tried using hou.preferredNodeType(), but it still seems to required the version string  as well. When testing it on a builtin node who has multiple definitions including a version string like "rainbow" with


it works fine. 

I could always use a  [x for x in hou.node("/obj").children() if "jamesr::myasset" in x.type().name()] type of thing, or get the node type from an existing node, but I was just wondering if it is possible this way.

If anyone has any relevant posts I might have missed that I could check out, that would be great too.



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