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Random vellum points "pinned" on remeshed grid without pinning active

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I'm tinkering with vellum and have a weird issue--when I use a plain grid as the cloth object and run it through a remesh, random points are/act as if they are pinned (they are given a @mass of 0), even though there is nothing set as pinned in the vellum constraint node.

I've emptied the cache, restarted, even tried a new grid with slightly a different initial subdivision count, and the result is the same--various points stay in space, pinned (although with differing initial geo point counts, the points that don't move are different).

A grid without remesh works fine. A planar patch actually works fine. I've tried various other objects, all run through remesh nodes (and without), and they all work fine. I could even assign those points a new mass through a wrangle, and that worked fine, but it seems like for something as basic as a remeshed grid, this shouldn't be happening.

What am I doing wrong here? Or is this just why god and SideFX made planar patches?


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mass = 0 means permanently fixed methinks ?

I'd just revert it back to default, ie. Mass unchanged instead of calc varying

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Aha! Actually, calculate varying IS the default (if using the "configure cloth" rather than just a bare vellum contraints node), but changing it to unchanged did the trick! Thanks!

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