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POP Grains stick to collision surface


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Hello, I've been working with POP grains lately and I have collision object which is animated with a fast pace. I am trying to make my Pop grains stay on that surface without flying away from it (can't change animation). Maybe there is a way how to make those grains stick to collision surface without them flying away from it as you can see in the video. I tried changing Max Acceleration to smaller and bunch of other settings, but it doesn't really help and also my sim doesn't work correctly how it was before.

MY WIP : https://vimeo.com/400687774  (pw: flour)

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59 minutes ago, Noobini said:

I got no experience with grains...but just an idea...why don't you make them 'wet' sand first so hopefully they stick together...then near the end 'unwet' them?

Thanks for your reply, but yeah I've tried changing attraction weight(changing wetness) to it so it sticks more, but it seems that it doesn't matter how hard it pulls particles together when spoon moves it can't follow the speed of the spoon and when spoon slows down grains just flies away because of the momentum :/ 

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