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How to affect noise mapping on spherical objects? Scooped things like ice cream.


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I'm trying to procedurally make scooped ice cream. Everything I've seen uses linear striations by increasing a single axis frequency, but from looking at references there's actually a curvature to the 'cracking' that occurs when you scoop things like ice cream or cookie dough. To get good results the best method seems to be using a vdb/volume vop workflow, so using the normal or predicted uv route doesn't seem like an option? Furthermore being able to offset the poles seems like it'd be useful, so the noise pattern isn't perfectly centered. I feel like pos into something to cylindrically distort what gets sent to the noise node is what I'm aiming for, but I don't know how to execute that or if that's even the right route.  I'd appreciate any help!

Here's a great example from Rohan Dalvi.


But here you see it's actually distorted and 'pinches' or converges at the poles. It may be a small difference but I think it's an important one.


And an example for scoops of cookie dough.





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Hey! Sorry this is really late, but this volume modeling stuff using a VOP is so cool! Would you mind breaking down the general setup outside of the VOP? I converted my geo to surface VDB, but the density just subtracts the surface away. Do you have to use the VOP when it's a fog volume, then convert, or something else?

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