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awesome stuffs!! just a question on FAQ #18 .... since I'm trying to make a new scene after watching yours.. I've encountered the same problem I can see in your scene...

Ther's some "dopject" created twice (two balls at once... one inside other) which cause slow down in simulation and btw.. shouldnt be supposed to happen... in my simple scene i've got boxes created in the same way from POP ... and on certain frames I've got two boxes created....

how to solve this problem?

cheers and thanks again for your effort

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We have posted a new version of the FAQ that includes short descriptions that answer the questions posed. This should help you decide if the answer provided in the sample .hip files suits your needs.

There were a couple of broken links that we fixed along the way.

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frames #72 and #73 ... I 've got two balls created during those frames... one per frame... that was the problem I was talking in my previous reply .. why is that happening?


If you look really closely you will see there are actually 2 balls every time. Even though the lifespan is set to be 1 frame they will exist for 2 frames (the frame they are birthed on + the 1 frame from lifespan). I actually ran into this problem doing something similar. I found the best way to fix it was to just have the particles birthed into a group and then attach a kill pop and assign it to work on the birth group. That way the particles will be born then killed next frame regardless of what their lifespan is.

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