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VELLUM: Pulsating Inflation Help


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Hello recently i saw amazing yet simple video. it is a geometry deforming by an vellum solver.

and for study purpose i trying to recreate this effect


i made an first attempt using an sop to inflate the ConstraintGeometry but still far from the reference vimeo, i dont know if im getting into the right way.

the guy in the video said that: "it's a simple vellum setup using the normals to push the surface out :)"

but still no clue about that, i kinda lost.

thanks in advance.

ps: i'm attaching the hip that i create but not sure if it rightway.


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16 hours ago, Noobini said:

you were almost there...not sure why you didn't do the final "increase pressure step"

(oh yeah, secret sauce is inside the vellumsolver SOP)




wow interesting approach it semms worked pretty well, one step further is those "cluster' , not inflate the whole geometry but some circular spots on the geo.

i thinking about creating some b/w spots using point vop, but how vellum would read that?(damn those things are pretty difficult to me)

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