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Remove intersections on a series of primitives


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Hey fellow magicians,

I am struggling to find a way to remove intersections on a bunch of scattered and randomly rotated primitives that are not spheres.

I am trying to create a set up where  a series of repeated elements are scattered in a volume and pushed away from each other just enough to remove intersections between them. So far I have tried to get this effect working through vellum colliders, popgrains, and rbd as well as trying to fake it through Spheres from VDB compenent. My main issue working with particle sources - it doesn't give me enough control over element distribution. This is why I am trying to find a way to generate the geo first and remove overlaps second.

Nothing is working, I feel like this should be a pretty straightforward setup but I am not sure what would be the best approach to it?

Any tips would be amazing!



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you can do it with packed primitives and bullet solver in dop. Pack your geo with individual s@name on each, i.e with assemble sop, set point attribute i@found_overlap=1, Build dopnetwork with rbdpackedobject and bullet solver, on rdbpackedobject turn on "Solve on Creation Frame". Done.

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