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popnet+sweep uvs change every frame


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im using a popnet+trail to create a spiraling animation and then sweep node with uvs to create the uvs. But because every frame the point count changes, the uvs are updated and makes my uvs kinda jump around(so they are "good uvs" every frame, but from frame to frame you can see them jumping around)


i tried doing a snapshot of the mesh at the last frame and transfer the uvs to the growing mesh but that also doesnt work properly.

what kind of solutions are there agaisnt this, so the uv would remain consistent during the growth animation?

looking forward to hear your suggestions



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27 minutes ago, Yader said:

Uncheck Normalize U's and Normalize V's on your Sweeps Uvs and Attributes tab
and additionally uncheck Snap U and V to Nearest Tile Boundary under Section UV Seams on the same tab.


what exactly do u want me to do in the attributes tab? i found all the other 4, but not sure what to do in the attributes one.

(unchecking all those other 4 doesnt seem to fix the issue)



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