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Linux Houdini and floating panel are not linked

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Hello guys.

I recently switched to Linux and im facing very annoying problem, while working on dual monitor setup. O have my main houdini session on monitor1 and my floating panel on monitor2.

When im switching (alt+tab, or taskbar click) from another program to houdini, i have to click on my main application and on my floating panel, otherwise only the main houdini window will get into focus.

This get even worse, if i have multiple houdini sessions running at the same time and want to switch between them, as there is no way how to tell which floating panel belongs to which houdini session, making it impossible to work with.


On Windows, your floating panel, will be visible in taskbar as separate windows, but when clicking on main window session, it brings the floating panel into focus as well.


Anyone experienced similar thing? Its very, very frustrating to work with.


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