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Attaching leaves to the branch


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a Pine-type tree with the L-System and I am currently stuck with properly attaching leaves. The leaves on this Pine tree that I am currently working on are a bit tricky because they grow on the sides of the branch (see the reference image that I’ve taken). Now I am looking for a way how I could scatter points only to the sides of the branch and that normals would point to the side too and then I could just “copy to points” those leaves. Just like it is in the photo I've drawn on.




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Thank you very much for your advise

On 28/10/2020 at 9:38 PM, Librarian said:

Only one thing that you need For Nature Its This
Formula...you have abs any attribute that you need and just copy and Learn from this 2 sites ..


Thank you very much for your advice it really helped ! :)  And now I managed to make a branch which looks like my reference, but now the problem is how to make it more optimised. I am packing after instancing and using file cache node. But still, after instancing more branches on the tree I can't see anything but just boxes as visualizers. So is there a way how to optimise my scene a bit better so I could see something in my viewport, or I will just be able to see it when rendering ?

Annotation 2020-11-05 130205.jpg

Annotation 2020-11-05 130213.jpg

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