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Hi ! trying to set up a source for smoke sim. i use volume rasterize attributes and get strange results. 

please see what's happening

i have a bunch of points distributed across the space. its bound box is rather big (arounb 80x80x80 units)


then i use volume rasterize attributes and get this :


as you can see it is very jaggy. of course i've played with pscale or voxelsize/sampling...but i have not managed to get smooth volume

then i deleted lot of points and left only one group of them:


the same SOP (volume rasterize points) with the same settings gave me different result (nice and smooth volume)


and the question is - why i got different results keeping the same settings both for points and "volume rasterize attributes" SOP ?

the same pscale and the same voxelsize


the only thing that changes is bounding box of my points...

and of course it affects the simulation... i also get ugly jagged volume inside DOP....

i can not understand what is wrong....i thought it is just viewport optimization or something like that....but the simulation also goes wrong and i see this voxels in rendered picture as well.....

how can i get smooth volume for all of my points ? 

thanks in advance





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