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Attrib Scrambler v3 (beta) - Similar to PS blending modes


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A hobby project as a vex and python challenge for myself mostly. So, the idea is to "mix" (scramble) attributes like layers in photoshop.

If you feel like sinking your teeth into it there's the hda in attachment... and of course, critique and comments are very welcome! V1 and V2 didn't support vectors and things were simpler. This is V3 that I decided to take to the next level.


There are 2 functions in the python module for checking the type of attribute being used (float or vector). They toggle invisible parameters in the multiparm, which control the visibility of ramp parameters.

(haki.h is embedded into the hda, just so you can see its contents. the attrib wrangle WILL FAIL without it (that is unless you put a copy in $HOME/houdiniXX.X/vex/include), but the attrib VOP won't because it's in its outer code. there's no other difference between the two.)


[EDIT 20 Nov 2020] : This is totally broken right now. It outputs the wrong values.





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1 hour ago, Librarian said:

@haki Thanx
When You have Time Please Post Some Tutorials for Renderman Shaders!!! In The Future  :wub:

Wow! That's good idea! (and a surprise because I can't remember to have ever mentioned I was a renderman user, haha :) )

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Lets Just Say , Long time ago, Daughter and Me Have Done some Stop-Motion with Clay .So I now have lots of little Models that I plan to scan and Have Fun in Houdini with KineFX..and I like Renderman ..Tutorial On Little House Wood Or Some Bear Fur ...:wub:

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Sounds like a good plan for KineFx. (Yet to take a deeper look at 18.5 on my end, to be honest.)  And, yeah :) there was a bear near a treehouse some time ago, to appear in renderman, indeed.

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So, here's the diagnosis :lol::


I messed up with wrong parameter references to the multiparm block list. Most of the prim() and point() functions were trying to read attributes that didn't exist [embarrassed].

I revised almost all variable names. It's neater and working now.

Also revised the PythonModule functions. They won't throw now if the attribute name string filed is cleared (by hand).

Also took care of the attribute drop down menu scipts. Vector attribs won't be listed if the Attribute to Operate on is a float. That's true also for the lerp operation attrib menu. (Don't ever try a vector2 or vector4 by manually typing its name. It probably won't go well.)

Finally, a description parm with a python script gives you the input/output attrib names at a glance.



Just for comparison, a demo of v2.0 (the previous version) here, which was before vector3 support. It makes it a bit clearer what I mean by attrib blending (scrambling):


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